Music & Mental Health

Darkness RISING is a mental health awareness 501(c)3 nonprofit. We offer free community wellness workshops geared toward people of color, inspirational cover songs, visual albums, and live concerts created by Black Broadway and theatre professionals, many who have experienced a mental health condition. Our goal is to inspire conversations about mental health, address issues which directly affect the Black community, connect attendees to resources, and erase the stigma.


This mental health awareness nonprofit aims to: 

  • Improve the health and wellness of the Black community 

  • Raise awareness about mental health in our community

  • Empower and engage our community via resources, events and services

  • Erase the negative stigma of mental illnesses. 

Upcoming Events

Adult Coloring Night

Friday 3/6  7-9pm

ART/New York 


Darkness RISING Virtual Concert

Friday 5/29  7pm 

Facebook Live


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